• The A10 is small and compact refrigeration unit in the range, suitable for cool transports (0 ° С + 5° С) with a cubic volume of 12 m3.

    Inexpensive refrigeration unit for transportation of any pre-cooled products: milk, meat, vegetables, fruits, confectionery products, chocolate.

    Reliable refrigerator at a low price, optimal for small trucks.

    Thought-out design and ergonomics of the unit provides easy access to the necessary components during the maintenance of the refrigeration unit, which allows profitable and safe operation of the refrigerator throughout the period of use.

  • S-10 är Terrafrigo seriens minsta kylmaskin. S-10 klarar av kyltransport (0 C) upp till 12m3 och
    frystransport (-20 C) till 6m3.

  • S-20 är den mest sålda kylmaskinen i Terrafrigo serien och klarar av kyltemperatur (0 C) upp till 18m3
    och frystemperatur (-20 C) till 10m3 lastutrymmen.